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The news around energy prices is a worry for lots of families right now and having little control over this can be stressful. We’re here with our top energy saving tips to help take back some control over the situation

  1. Ditch the tumble dryer – with the warmer spring weather let’s make the most of it and get back to drying our clothes outside.
  2. Turn down your central heating – are you desperately still clinging on to the heating? Now is the time to turn it off and get the jumpers out for Spring! If you’re not quite ready yet, start working on turning it down. I’m sure we’re all guilty of leaving the winter settings on for a little too long!
  3. Planning a spring refresh and torn on paint colours? Lighter colours bounce the heat around the room, rather than absorb it! If you’re looking for some Spring design inspiration, check out our blog post on Spring Décor Trends for 2022!
  4. Time to change your timers – Do you have lamps and devices on timed plugs? Now the days are lighter for longer, these could be coming on too early and wasting energy. Revaluate your lighting needs and update those settings.
  5. The slow cooker shouldn’t just be your winter best friend! Batch cook some bigger meals so you can have a few nights off from cooking in the week. This is a great one as it saves you time as well as energy!
  6. Still, working from home and worried about the extra energy you’re using to run your devices? You can still claim a tax break to help cover some of these costs. You can also claim back for previous years! You can get more details and submit a claim at
  7. Did you know some mortgage lenders offer reduced interest rates on homes that are energy efficient? If you’re fixed rate is due to end soon, we can offer advice on the best rates available and if you could save more with a ‘green deal’ fixed rate!
  8. Don’t forget energy rates are due to rise on the 1st April! Make sure you submit a meter reading on the 31st March to ensure you don’t get charged the higher rate on your previous energy usage!

We hope these tips help you save on your energy bills so you can put those extra pennies towards something more worthwhile, like a coffee with a friend, a new tin of paint, or a little treat for yourself because well, why not?

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