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Are you looking to:

  • Lower your monthly payments
  • Free up some cash
  • Switch to a better deal
  • Avoid moving onto a Standard Variable Rate (SVR)

If so, then remortgaging with Newhomes could be the smartest move you can make.

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What is remortgaging?

Remortgaging is when you replace your current mortgage with a new one. This could be with the same lender or a different one.

Remortgaging usually happens when you’ve come to the end of your mortgage deal, but there can be other good reasons to switch. Remortgaging can be a great option if you have paid off more of your mortgage, you need to release equity, you want to consolidate debts, or your property has increased in value, or you are concerned about interest rates rising. It can help you save money and give you peace of mind.

Potentially Save money

You can save money by remortgaging if you have paid off more of your mortgage, your loan-to-value ratio (LTV) will be lower. This means that you will be able to get a lower interest rate on your mortgage, which could save you money on your monthly payments.

Consolidate debts

The main advantage of using a mortgage to consolidate debt is that mortgage interest rates are typically lower than rates for other types of debt, such as credit cards. By consolidating high-interest debt into a lower-interest mortgage, you may be able to save money on interest charges and reduce your monthly payments. Another advantage is it can simplify your finances, reduce your monthly payments, and improve your credit score.

You want to borrow more

Remortgaging can be a useful way of releasing some of the cash you've built up in your property through equity, to fund home improvements or buy a large purchase

Switching products

You could change from a fixed-rate to a variable-rate mortgage, or vice versa, depending on your preferences and circumstances. You could also choose a more flexible product that allows you to make overpayments or offset your savings.

Changing lenders

Remortgaging is a great time to consider switching lenders to get a more suitable deal. You could move to a different lender that offers better service, more features, or more flexibility. You could also take advantage of exclusive deals that are only available to new customers.

Changing your mortgage terms

Remortgaging allows you to explore different mortgage terms and options. This flexibility can provide you with greater control over your monthly payments.

Remortgaging to pay off help to buy

Remortgaging on a Help to Buy property follows a similar process to remortgaging a standard property, but there are some additional steps to take.

Don’t worry we do all the hard work for you and guide you through the whole process, making your journey simple and stress free.

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Potentially save money on your mortgage.

If interest rates improve before your mortgage is complete, we will switch you to a lower rate.

Simply call your dedicated mortgage adviser to arrange for a Mortgage Rate Check.

Benefits of remortgaging with Newhomes


Our expert advisors have deep expertise in the remortgage process and can help you make well-informed decisions about your remortgage options.

Personalised Advice

Our advisors will work with you to understand your unique financial goals and create a personalised strategy to help you achieve them.

Competitive options

We work with 72 trusted lenders, and will help you find the most competitive rates for your remortgage. We have access to exclusive rates you cannot get by going direct to your lender or high street bank.


When you remortgage with Newhomes, you can be confident that you're making the best decision for your financial future.